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About AL-HIKMA hearing and balance Center / AL-Zarqa

Its our pleasure to welcome you to our hearing and balance Center in zarqa .

In the AL-HIKMA hearing and balance Center

There is more than one program available to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate cases with the latest devices that detect the causes of hearing loss

The center provides:

  1.  Comprehensive audiological examinations for adults and children, including (otoscopy, middle ear examination, hearing threshold test, verbal hearing test, hearing threshold test while wearing a hearing aid).
  2. Comprehensive audiological examinations for children including (otoscopy, middle ear examination, hearing threshold examination with visual reinforcement and appropriate games, cochlear emission examination
  3. Manufacture of ear molds of all sizes and shapes. And the manufacture of special earplugs.
  4. Dispensing high-efficiency hearing aids and programming them to suit the patient’s needs.
  5. Examination of the performance of the hearing aid in the patient’s ear
  6. Providing appropriate advice and guidance for everyone regarding hearing
  7. Providing hearing aid batteries of all sizes. Providing filters for internal hearing aids.
  8. Reprogramming all types of hearing aids
  9. There is a special room for the maintenance of the hearing aid and the manufacture and detailing of molds for each hearing aid
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Zarqa / Al-Hikma Modern Hospital / Outpatient Clinics Floor .

  • Phone : +962798910406 / +962796618379 / 
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